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Juan was born in Tandil, Buenos Aires, on march 29,1984. His family is composed by his father Héctor, mother Cristina, brother Andrés and sister Mara. Pico, as everybody in Tandil know him since he was a child –he inherited his nickname from his father-, had the typical childhood a country boy can have: he used to play in the streets of Tandil and get together with his friends at the club where he practised just every kind of sports, such as football, basketball, rugby, and of course, tennis.

Since he was a young boy, Pico just couldn’t stay still, he had to be always busy doing something. But, already at that age, he started to feel a strong attraction to tennis. He was only four years old, when he grabbed a racket for the first time, alongside his brothers and cousins. And two years later, at six, Juan entered one of the most succesful clubs at discovering young talents: the Club Independiente from Tandil. There he crossed paths for the first time with the man that formed him as a tennis player, the legendary coach Marcelo Gómez. “He taughted me everything, from hitting the ball, to what kind of person I should be.”, confessed Pico in his own words. He trained at Independiente until the age of 14, when it was time to start travelling and compete worlwide.

So, he decided to leave his beloved Tandil and fly to Miami, to enter a seven months training in the Clerc-Nuñez Academy. After that, he moved to Barcelona, to attend the prestigious Sánchez-Casal Academy. That’s where Pico started to become a professional tennis player. After four years abroad, he felt he had spent enough time in Spain, so he decided to return to Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, and started training with coach Luis Lobo, focused on becoming a pro.

Everytime Pico goes back to Tandil he really feels at home. He is able to do this just a few weeks every year, mainly because he spends most of the season travelling around the world, or training in Buenos Aires. When he finds the time to be there, he tries to spend time with his family and friends, just as when he was a kid. The people of Tandil really love him and enjoy every time he is back in town. That’s why everybody wait for him with “asados”, other meals and football matches. “It’s the nicest thing, to be back home!”.

Careerwise, Juan has established in the circuit, with many years of experience, and is very respected by his colleagues and rivals. In 2001 he became a professional tennis player, and he has grown constantly ever since. Nowadays, you can find himself fighting for the top spots of the ATP ranking, and he has defeated many of the best tennis player in th world.


“Every time I am in Argentina, I try to go to the football Studium to cheer for my team, Estudiantes de La Plata, or Argentina’s national team. Football is my passion! I also try to get together with my friends and go out, have dinner, some “mates”, or whatever. Basically, enjoy how young we are!

While I am at the tour, I always try to do some sightseeing. I also try to catch some football match, or just visit the stadium and get to know the players. Obviously, I like to go out to good restaurants and have some italian or spanish food as well. And, above all, I love playing football at the Play Station with my friends of the circuits. Great rivalries and tournaments!”

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